New preview track from Tales From Earth, Inc. – WISHING WELL

“Wishing Well” is a funk rock tune addressing three island and coastal countries already dealing with the realities of climate change: Kiribati, the Maldives and Bangladesh.  It features an ensemble cast consisting of Dan Sheehan on guitar and vocals, Dave Krusen on drums, Patrick Moraz on piano, Wilhelmus Sapanaro on bass, Karmina Dai on vocals, Peter Furlan on saxophone and Vinnie Cutro on trumpet.

Dig it here:


Tales From Earth, Inc. is the forthcoming concept album and live show from Dan Sheehan, leader of the bands The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy and Banter, taking on the effects of greed on people around the globe. Tales From Earth, Inc. is performed by an ensemble featuring musicians from the worlds of rock, classical, jazz and world music.

TFEI will be released in 2018, and is currently available as a live performance either in “full extravaganza” format with horns, strings, and world instruments, or “stripped” format with 5 piece rock band.

Use the player below to preview tracks from the forthcoming album, or view the video above for a taste of “TFEI Live!”

Check out the following preview mix of “Kimberley” from Tales From Earth, Inc. featuring Dan Sheehan, Dave Krusen, Patrick Moraz and Kevin Nathaniel!

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